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Measure your wellbeing impact

A practical guide for charities and social enterprises

Whether you want to improve health, education or employment, measuring wellbeing can show you the wider impact you have on the people and communities you support.

This guide was designed for people who may have lots of different functions in an organisation, with very busy working days. The guide allows you to dip in and out of the content as you need, and work at your own pace.

You’ll find this guide useful if you:

  • work for a small or medium-sized charity or social enterprise that runs projects, programmes or activities that aim to improve people’s wellbeing
  • are responsible for reporting, evaluation or learning; and are interested in evaluating how your activities affect wellbeing
  • want to develop your knowledge of wellbeing concepts and measures and learn how to design and carry out a wellbeing evaluation

By using this guide you can:

  • understand wellbeing better
  • find out what really matters to the people you support
  • show others the difference you make to people’s lives
  • improve what you do and have an even bigger impact.

Evaluating wellbeing during the pandemic:

The Covid-19 pandemic has probably affected every aspect of your work – including what kind of activities you deliver and how, as well as your plans for the future.

Wellbeing is even more important in this context, and it’s still possible to carry out a meaningful wellbeing evaluation – though there are a few additional things to consider.

So while this guide is relevant to wellbeing evaluations in general, we have added some pointers that refer to evaluating your impact during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Look out for this symbol for additional advice and things to bear in mind when evaluating wellbeing during the pandemic.

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